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I highly recommend Ken for taking care of your ISP, web material, and website issues.
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WordPress Upgrade to 3.5: Problems and Solutions

Miscellaneous problems after upgrading to WordPress 3.5

Anytime you upgrade WordPress there can be a possibility that something may not work correctly or perhaps not at all! This can be especially true if you have skipped a few versions and therefore making a “bigger leap.”

As I mentioned previously, do a backup before updating and update your plugins before upgrading WordPress.

Should you have a problem, here are some things to try:

  • Deactivate your plugins. Did the problem go away? If so, reactivate them one at a time and see if the problem returns. You may be able to narrow down the culprit of your problem.
  • Perhaps it’s your theme? Try switching your theme to a different one and see if the problem remains. Your site will likely look very different, at this point it’s just the problem that you are trying to nail down.
    • NOTE: Before changing themes, be sure to go to your widget area and take note of what widgets are located where. When you switch themes and switch back, you MAY find that your widgets are no longer in their proper places and have been gathered in the “Inactive Widgets” area and will need to be dragged back to their proper places.
  • You can also try installing a plugin from WordPress.org called Hotfix. It’s an “unofficial” plugin for fixing known WordPress problems, authored by a couple of the Lead WordPress Developers.

Should you have problems you can’t solve, or if you are unsure about attempting the repairs yourself, feel free to contact The Web Mechanic to take care of things!

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