I put out one tweet on Twitter and there you were! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but your FAR exceeded my expectations. Not only are you fast in responding but you also take the time to explain everything in a very user friendly way. I was never frustrated and you took care of the problem very efficiently. I felt that you are well versed in what I needed for our website to be up and running. you did more than I thought you even would and I so appreciate it! I will definitely be calling on you again! MingCFO and Founder Reiki Fur Babies, LLC

WordPress Upgrade to 3.5: Problems and Solutions

After upgrading to WordPress 3.5, I lose my links in my post editor!

This is certainly an odd one! When writing a new post or page and inserting a link all appears to be fine – until you click on Publish/Update!

When you save, the public, published post/page looks fine and the links are fine. However, in the TinyMCE editor the links have disappeared! If you think that they must really still be there and click Update and look at the published page, you will quickly learn that the links have now disappeared in the public page as well.

I wish I could tell you that I knew the exact cause of the problem, but it seems to be unknown at the time of this writing. I removed plugins, changed themes all to no avail. I also tried alternative TinyMCE editors to no avail… Until I tried the “Ultimate TinyMCE” editor! Once I installed and set it up… Problem resolved! And Ultimate has *all* kinds of extra useful features as well!

UPDATE!   It turns out that this is a bug in WordPress 3.5 that should be corrected in WordPress 3.5.1 when it comes out. And while the Ultimate TinyMCE and the TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin editors may fix the problem for you ahead of the release of WP 3.5.1, here’s a workaround.

This is a pain, but it works.

  • In the Visual Editor, type in your text as you would normally.
  • Click the editor tab “Text” (used to say HTML)
  • Find the new text and highlight it
  • Click the “link” button at the top of the text editor
  • Type in the link or select the page or post you want to link to and click OK
  • Click Save
  • Go back to the visual editor

Your link should be there and stable whenever you update the page or post.

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