Ken was a fantastic resource to me in helping convert my website design and content into WordPress in order to allow greater flexibility. He also was very helpful in helping me understand the steps for starting and maintaining a blog as well as other neat things, using widgets that act as plug-ins for WordPress …whenever I have a question, I know he’s there to help me figure it out! Jen Berkley

WordPress Wednesday

Do you have a question about WordPress? Is there something that you want to do with your site that you can’t figure out how to do? A problem?

Ask The Web Mechanic!

On Wednesdays I will take questions and provide answers to your WordPress questions. You can fix many of the problems you might have with WordPress yourself, given a point in the right direction. Some problems may need “professional help”… I’ll let you know that as well.

Ask away!

8 comments to WordPress Wednesday

  • Jim K

    How can I use a different font in my blog???

  • ken

    Hi Jim,
    That’s true, when you are in your WordPress editor, there isn’t a button to change the font that your theme uses for text. Did you know that there is a plugin that you can use to add a number of new functions to your editor?(including font choices) Its called TinyMCE Advanced. Just add it to your plugins and then go to your admin/settings and click on TinyMCE. In the next screen you’ll be able to select over 40 new buttons/features to add to your WordPress editor!

  • Is there any plugin or something to allow people to upload files to certain restricted folders only, depending on user, role or whatever?

  • ken

    Hi Gustav
    It sounds like you might be looking for something like a document manager plugin, which to my knowledge, doesn’t yet exist for WordPress. There is the Private Files plugin. Maybe that could be of use…. Let me know!

    I notice that you are on wordpress.com, do be aware that they are limited in the plugins that they allow.

  • Hi! For some reason on my blog when you initially log into the page the header is fine, but if you go down and click comment the page that comes back up has ?> showing under the header. I can’t figure out how to remove that. Help?!

  • I actually customized it myself. I didn’t start to notice it until I applied a CSS code to center the header.

  • Ken

    Hi Mimi,
    Is this new or has it been like this for a while? Is this a “stock”
    theme or has it been customized?

    the ?> is a php closing tag. It’s probably showing up because of some
    incorrect code somewhere before it…

    You also have a “php” showing up just above the comments… probably
    part of the same problem.

    My guess is that there is a missing or incorrect opening php tag

    It’s a little hard to diagnose more exactly without looking “under the hood”

    Does this help any??


    Ken Dawes
    /The Web Mechanic/

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  • Ken

    Hi Mimi,
    Were you modifying the actual template code? It may be that you
    accidentally deleted (or added) something there.

    When I look at the source code I can see a tag inside of the
    title tag… That seems a bit odd…

    When you say “header” do you mean the header image or the post title header?

    It’s hard to see more without actually seeing what you did “internally”


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