Ken was a fantastic resource to me in helping convert my website design and content into WordPress in order to allow greater flexibility. He also was very helpful in helping me understand the steps for starting and maintaining a blog as well as other neat things, using widgets that act as plug-ins for WordPress …whenever I have a question, I know he’s there to help me figure it out! Jen Berkley

The Web Mechanic's WordPress 101

Ok… You have decided to use WordPress for your website/blog, now what the heck do you do?

WordPress.orgThe Web Mechanic’s WordPress 101 will be a series of articles on setting up and using WordPress. I plan to write these articles on individual topics and will try to make them as “user-friendly” as I can. If something seems confusing or not explained clearly enough for you, please submit a comment and I’ll try to clarify things.

I don’t plan on having an article on installing WordPress. Different webhosts do things differently and I wouldn’t be able to give you a “one size fits all” instruction, as much as I’d like to. What you’ll want to do is to contact your webhost’s customer service and ask them what you’ll need to do to install WordPress. If you don’t already have a webhost, let me throw in a plug for bluehost.com. I recommend them to my clients. Their rates are great, they are easy to use and their customer service has really impressed me!

While I will pretty much be presenting the WordPress 101 articles in the order of “first do this” and “then do that”, that won’t always be the case, and one of the great things about WordPress is that in general, you don’t need to do things in a defined order… WordPress is very forgiving!

Ok, let’s begin!

Next: I have WordPress installed. Now what?

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