Ken Dawes of The Web Mechanic made complicated changes to my Wordpress site easy by finding the exact plugins, creating the code, and tutoring me on how to modify my page hierarchy in clear terms that even a novice such as myself could understand. He’s a life saver. Alice Shapiro - Poet's Tongue

WordPress Specials

The Web Mechanic can work on any type of website, but specializes in working with WordPress – The most popularly used website platform on the web!

WordPress, at last count, is used in over 70 million websites worldwide and last year over 20% of new websites were built on WordPress.

The Web Mechanic specializes in WordPress in order to serve the various needs of people wanting to use WordPress as their Small (or even Large) Business website, E-Commerce site or Blog. There just about no limit as to what you can accomplish on the web with WordPress.

The Web Mechanic has a number of specials to offer:

The Web Mechanic’s Security Package: While WordPress itself is very secure, there are many hackers out there who will do there best to get into any website. Our Security Package will protect your WordPress from almost any attack!

The Web Mechanic’s WordPress Tutoring: WordPress is an easy-to-use website platform, but just like the engine on your car there are all sorts of levers to pull, springs to pull and nuts and bolts. Let the Web Mechanic guide you 1-on-1 over the phone and and help you learn how to take command of your website!

The Web Mechanic’s Economy Websites: There are a bewildering array of WordPress themes out there -Thousands of them! Because WordPress is an “Open Source” platform, almost anyone with a little coding experience can make a WordPress theme. Unfortunately, that means a theme you might like or want to use might be made by someone with just a little coding experience or it may not have all of the features you need. The Web Mechanic has “pre-made” designs that are robust and fully configurable so that you will be able to have your website do what you need it to do.