Ken was a fantastic resource to me in helping convert my website design and content into WordPress in order to allow greater flexibility. He also was very helpful in helping me understand the steps for starting and maintaining a blog as well as other neat things, using widgets that act as plug-ins for WordPress …whenever I have a question, I know he’s there to help me figure it out! Jen Berkley

WordPress 3.5.1 has been released - Time to upgrade WordPress

WordPress has announced the release of their Maintenance and Security update, WordPress 3.5.1 and its time, once again, to upgrade WordPress.

While WordPress 3.5 was released not too long ago, there were a number of issues that caused some people to have problems with their WordPress site. This release addresses those issues and also includes […]

My WordPress Website Died

Yes, even The Web Mechanic can experience problems with WordPress!

Recently I thought my website (this website) was running a little slow… but it wasn’t anything that I was concerning myself about very much. Then yesterday, it slowed to a stop! I would try to access a page and my browser would just sit there […]